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So Many Rewards, So Much To Do!

  We talk a lot about Local Rewards being used for food or local gifts, but they are so much more powerful than that! Your LoDough can be used to try new experiences, to meet new people, and to explore your city! Recently, Loyal Local Clark Harris, used his... read more

Meet The Local Team

Local Rewards Made Possible By: The Loyal Local Team! LoLo Rewards is on a mission, to help people make the local choice! By encouraging people to support neighbors instead of strangers, we are fighting back against the big chain stores that take away our local... read more

Local Rewards Program (aka My Second Wallet)

I’m not shy about using my local rewards, all that awesome LoDough. I view LoLo as my second wallet (if I had a wallet that magically filled instead of emptied every time I shop). I admit though that even I, as a LoLo employee, can sometimes forget my balance until I... read more

A Valentine’s Day Compliment!

Hey you, You’re one of our favorite Loyal Locals. You’re AMAZING because you’re making a difference in your community. Every time you shop local you’re helping support your friends and neighbors instead of corporate investors, and that’s... read more

How to Host a Party for $0

How much does a private party with catered food and drinks at The Southern Kitchen and Bar cost? With LoDough Rewards, $0. Kelly, a teacher in Asheville, NC and an active LoLo user, wanted to celebrate her 30th birthday in style. Out to lunch one day, Kelly was... read more

I was able to get $200 worth of outdoor gear with the push of a button on my LoLo app. If that ain’t sweet, I don’t know what is!

Read more

LoDough Rewards = Real Stuff

This Fall, I was gearing up for a camping and fishing trip to the Smoky Mountains. I’ve been saving up my LoDough Rewards for something BIG, like I’m sure many of you Loyal Locals do too! By merely connecting a few credit cards to my LoLo account and supporting my... read more

With Growth Comes Change

What You’ll Notice About LoLo’s Social Media Accounts When businesses are starting out (yes even though we’re several years into LoLo, we still feel like we’re just getting started) they often times makes changes without letting people know the reasons. We preach... read more

The Local Look at Bhramari

From front porch to downtown! Bhramari Brewhouse may just be a few months old, but this group of friends turned co-workers have been working together on their recipes for years. We sat down with Allison Simpkins – kombucha brewer, marketer, and self-titled... read more

The Local Look at Rezaz

The tale of Rezaz is like the perfect Asheville love story. Girl meets boy, they fall in love at an amazing restaurant in historic Biltmore Village, and now they’re owners of that very place! Bright, bubbly, and full of laugher, Co-Owner Laura Smith talks about her... read more

Good Times – Our 2015 Asheville Events

Anyone who has met our small LoLo team knows that we love to have a good time!   Today, I caught myself thinking back fondly over some of those good times from 2015. Take a look at some of the events we’ve hosted and participated in throughout the year. Let us... read more

Why we started LoLo

  As an entrepreneur, I feel that at my core I am an artist. Over 3 years ago, I had a grand vision for a platform that could serve as a local stimulus tool that help protect and nourish the local communities that I hold dear. What I’ve learned in my many years... read more


The city-wide loyalty program  that rewards LOyal LOcals for supporting local independent businesses by turning your credit/debit card into a local rewards card!

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