Frequently Asked Questions

LoLo is a digital local loyalty program working only with locally-born businesses. There are no cards to carry and no coupons to show. LoLo essentially turns any account-connected credit or debit card into a rewards card, by tracking spending when those cards are used with participating businesses.
LoLo encourages members to spend to earn rewards, rather than asking businesses to provide discounts. This means local businesses protect their bottom lines, while rewarding their loyal local customers.
Joining LoLo is easy and is as secure as running your credit card at a local business. You share the same information in both cases. LoLo uses SSL encryption to secure each page in the site. Furthermore, LoLo does not store your full credit card number on its servers. Your credit card is verified through a PCI Level 1 bank grade secure server by Visa, Mastercard and American Express to ensure that it’s a valid account.
They are independent, no chains or corporations! See our list of LoLocation guidelines here
We are currently in Asheville, NC and Chicago, IL with plans to launch in cities across the Southeast in 2015. LoLo creates a network of Locals Supporting Locals, enabling members to 'be a local anywhere.'
It’s easy and free! Join here.
You can join LoLo and start earning LoDough. If you have a web-enabled device, such as a tablet, you can cash in your LoDough at any participating LoLocation. If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, you won’t be able to cash in your LoDough. However, you can still sign up, earn LoDough and save it for a VIP Experience that you can purchase online.
Cash in your LoDough any time before or during your visit to a LoLocation. Sign in to your account and click the “Cash In” button beside the LoLocation you plan on supporting. When it’s time to pay, pull out your smart phone and show your LoDough to the business representative who is serving you. They’ll accept it with a couple taps of the finger and you’re good to go! View this to see the process: LoDough Redemption Video
If you are new to LoLo you will have a chance to enter the code when creating an account. If you have an account already, simply login, and click on the LoDough link beside your name and you will see a box to enter code.
It can be as quickly as 48 hours or as long as 7 days. Each business updates LoLo rewards on a different schedule.

**Special update 7/1/15
MasterCard is taking longer than normal. Please contact us with a photo of your qualifying receipt and we will award credit manually if you would like your LoDough immediately. Thank you for your patience.
Each LoLocation sets their own redemption certificates. This allows each business to reward members at a rate that feels comfortable to them and is in line with their pricing. Click the “Cash In” option on any business to see the available certificates for purchase with LoDough.
You can use one LoLo certificate per ticket/bill, the certificate must be used in full, and there are no cash back or rewards back. Tip on your full bill to be a true loyal local.
Yes. Your LoDough can be redeemed at any LoLocation, no matter where you earn it.
You can’t connect a credit or debit card to multiple accounts. We suggest creating a joint account and linking all your shared cards to that account. Then you can share the rewards you earn collectively.
A LoLocation cannot login to your account at any time. (But maybe you can borrow your friend’s smart phone or tablet?)
When you click 'Sign In', click the Forgot Password link and follow the directions.
Joining LoLo is easy and is as secure as running your credit card at a local business. You share the same information in both cases. By registering your credit and debit cards with your LoLo account, you can earn 5% back on every dollar spent at a LoLocation – all without carrying an extra card or printing a coupon! And, you can track your local dollars spent from your LoLo account dashboard.
LoLocations see the same transaction information that is delivered to them in standard credit card transaction summary reports already provided by credit card companies. This includes your name and the amount of the transaction at their business. Read our privacy policy to learn more.
Yes, you can link as many bank cards as you like. Sign in to your LoLo account at loloeffect.com and click on your name in the top right corner. Then, use the links to edit your information or update your card(s) on file.
We want to show which zip codes have the most loyal locals on LoLo.
We do not track cash spending. LoLo is based solely on credit card transactions. It’s the easiest and most streamlined way for us to get local economic data without burdening the local businesses with gathering and sharing extra data. LoLo is a low-maintenance system for businesses.
LoLo securely turns your credit or debit card(s) into a rewards card. Once you link a card to your LoLo account and spend with that card at any LoLocation (participating business), you earn rewards. You will receive 5% or more of the purchase in the form of LoDough (local dollars). So, if you don't connect your card, there's no way for us to give you rewards!
And, always remember...LoLo will not charge anything to any of your registered cards.
LoLo uses SSL encryption to secure each page in the site. Furthermore, LoLo only stores partial information that you submit for the purpose of matching the money you spend at LoLocations with your account.

Your credit/debit card is verified through a bank grade secure portal to ensure that it’s a valid account. LoLo directly and securely integrates with Linkable Networks to deliver this service via direct connections with Visa, Mastercard and American Express. (MyLinkables.com is PCI Compliant, has undergone rigorous security testing and has been thoroughly vetted by the Credit Card Networks.)
We have upgraded LoLo to automatically communicate with Visa, Mastercard and Amex in order to work with a larger number of locations. It will also increase speed, security and accuracy in the transaction matching and rewards process, so it's a win-win for everyone. We have partnered with Linkable Networks to deliver this service (MyLinkables.com is PCI Compliant, has undergone rigorous security testing and has been thoroughly vetted by the Credit Card Networks).

Our agreements with Linkable Networks and the Credit Card Networks require LoLo to have it's members re-enter their credit card in order to take advantage of the new system.

You can add a new card or re-enter your existing card(s) in order to remain a Loyal Local and continue earning LoDough at any of the great LoLocations in your area.
We're sorry, but if you don't re-enter your card(s) or register a new card by November 5th, 2014, then you will no longer receive LoDough.
LoLo will never share your information with any entity for any purpose other than determining your earned rewards through secure connections to the Credit Card Networks and Processors.