Join other businesses in your community who are working together to keep the local vibe alive!

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Capture more spending from local consumers

  1. Members spend like normal at participating merchants
  2. Members earn rewards on their purchase (5% in Local Dollars "LoDough")
  3. Members redeem rewards with their smart phones
  4. Merchants receive the total value of certificates redeemed, less 5% commission.
Capture more spending

Benefits of Participating



Members LOVE earning rewards and use LoLo to find participating merchants.

Email envelope

Trailing Touch Point

Members receive a rewards receipt email with your custom message 2­-5 days after purchase.

Average open rate 50%



Get private feedback on customer experiences at your business and passively gather testimonials

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Why does Local Matter?

"By shopping local and spending Local, you are helping your friends and neighbors"

- Newton Clark
Chestnut Manager

Hear what LoLocations say about LoLo:

LoLo Vendor Partner Pricing

Why LoLo?

  • No hardware / software required
  • Minimal staff training
  • No commitments
  • Only pay for results
  • No chains allowed!

5% - It's That Easy!

Pay a nominal fee of 5% ONLY when registered Loyal Locals Spend and Redeem at your business!

  • 5% of Spending
  • 5% of Value of Certificates Used
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