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Yes, we three women are the owners of Notice. But, truthfully we bestow an honorary owner title on Charlie, and we share the title with our staff in all the stores. Charlie does the heavy lifting—really and figuratively—and our wonderful staff members focus on making our customers happy with every visit and delighted with every purchase.

We started Notice as an offshoot of our shop, The Custom Framer, well-known in Highland Park for almost thirty years. We grew from a delightful little gift shop to what has been described as, “The smallest department store ever.”

You simply must stop in and see our variety of fashion-forward clothing, trending accessories for men and women, very special baby and kids items, and even personal care luxuries right across the floor from quirky, clever gifts. Those are the things that inspire our motto, “Life is short, get Noticed.”

Mari, that’s me, and my two daughters Becky and Hannah, scour trade shows—I’m talking ten or more shows each year—to bring you well-made treasures. We accept only the most satisfactory craftsmanship for our customers, and lots of those items are American-made. Here’s what you can be sure of—when you visit us, you won’t be browsing merchandise you can find at every other store. You positively won’t be bored, and you’ll want to come back again and again.

Many of those treasures find their way to our online shop where our family wants you to enjoy the convenience of shopping from home, but we remind you that there are products in the stores that are not online, and we really like to meet with you for a little friendly conversation. Please call any of the stores if you are looking for a certain item!
At Notice we believe in Main Street, not malls, and that’s why our stores are in local shopping districts. These great stores are warm, friendly, and close to home, as you’ve always expected American hometown businesses to be.

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